Eight arrested following brawl outside nightclub

HOUSTON The club is called 'Plush,' located near the corner of Milam and Drew. Hundreds of people gathered in front after the club closed, and police were called out after some people began fighting.

Houston police tell us they got wind of a large party at Plush and sent extra officers to the area around closing time at 2am.

"When everyone was coming out of both clubs, cause they were at this club too, I guess some type of argument must have transpired. Maybe it was over the females," said witness Marvin Perry.

Houston police made eight arrests - six for public intoxication and two on outstanding warrants.

"They were very slow in dispersing. Three-hundred people going to their cars. It took a while to get the message out even though we were on the loudspeakers telling everyone to get in their cars and go home," said Capt. Glenn Yorek with the Houston Police Department.

"Yea, there were a lot of cops outside," said Johnny Ramos, owner of Plush.

Ramos says he doesn't know what exactly happened and doesn't want to be associated with whatever did happen. He says in the club he has security including off-duty Houston police officers.

"After they leave the club, we have nothing to do with it. We normally get hit for it and bashed for it because they left our venue. We can't sit there and hold everybody's hands," Ramos said.

However, police say after last night, they will be talking to the club's owner and trying to prevent a repeat of what happened given that it could have been much worse.

The club is one of about a half dozen in this part of Midtown. Police told us it has been an increasing problem as Midtown has become more popular.

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