Man meets daughter for first time in 25 years

HOUSTON "It's indescribable," said James Boyd. "I'm on cloud nine."

For the first time ever, Boyd hugged the daughter he never knew and he never wants to let go of Stephanie Brumlow.

"A dream come true, basically," Brumlow said.

Boyd separated from Brumlow's mother before Stephanie was even born. The two had searched for each other for years, but never had any luck.

Boyd said, "We've searched for each other through different routes, avenues, venues."

Finally Brumlow found her dad through Facebook. He wrote a book to help cancer survivors after his own sister died this year of cancer. Boyd created a Facebook page to find the survivors. Stephanie did a Facebook search with study partners at Lone Star College and finally, after all these years, located her father.

"My grandpa tried to help me find him several times, and we always came up short," Brumlow explained. "All it took was the click of a button to find him."

Boy said, "She looks like her mother."

The father and daughter have advice for anyone else looking for lost loved ones.

Boyd said, "Keep searching, prayer and search, and things will come. Your prayers will be answered."

Boyd also told us he is very excited to get to know his daughter and his two grandchildren.

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