Girl dies from injuries sustained in tragic wreck

HOUSTON The girl had been in the hospital since Monday after a Chevy Tahoe slammed into her family's minivan in northwest Harris County. Her mother and teenage brother also died.

"I'm just devastated," said her father, Omar Nuno.

Omar Nuno's family had gone from six members to just three in the span of 24 hours.

The 6-year old girl, Tatia Nuno, died last night at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital. Her brother attended school at Jersey Village High School.

Tatia attended school not far away at Gleason Elementary.

She was in the family's minivan with her mother and 15-year-old brother, Christopher Nuno, when they were hit by the Chevy Tahoe on Monday on their way home from the high school.

"My daughter was just an angel; my kid was just barely 14 and my wife was the love of my life," Omar Nuno said.

The crash happened at north Gessner and Brookriver. In the driver's seat of that Tahoe that hit them was another Jersey High School student, 17-year-old Christopher Yovino. He talked briefly with Eyewitness News and told us his version of what happened.

"When I came over the ridge, I saw the lady nudge forward," said Yovino. "She stopped at the stop sign, so I continued to go down the road. And at the very last second, she pulled out in front of me."

Witnesses told deputies a different story, that Yovino was allegedly racing a pickup truck. He denied that, saying he was not racing on Monday when he hit the family's vehicle.

There is no word yet if any charges will be filed.

"They should be punished. That was their fault. They shouldn't be racing, or whatever they were doing, stepping on the gas," Oman Nuno said. "It's not fair."

Oman Nuno said Tatia's kidneys and liver are being donated so that she may save someone else's life.

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