Bongs disguised as lamps seized

HOUSTON CBP officers inspected 808 cartons and discovered that the items, which the importer manifested as lamps, did not have even the basic elements that would enable the items to function as lamps.

Instead, when officers further examined the items they discovered easily removable labels. These peel-off labels were concealing holes that would allow the item to be used as a smoking device. In the United States, it is unlawful to import or export drug paraphernalia.

"With greater enforcement, criminal organizations are increasingly inventing creative methods for smuggling illegal items," said Jeffrey O. Baldwin Sr., Houston CBP director of Field Operations. "This seizure is the result of improved technology and intelligence and illustrates our commitment to facilitating legitimate trade while intercepting prohibited items."

This is the second seizure of drug paraphernalia of its kind. In July, CBP seized 63 cartons containing more than 2,400 bongs. Both seized shipments originated from China.

This shipment will be turned over to CBP's Seized Property Office for destruction.

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