Parker, Dallas mayor sound off on Texans-Cowboys game

HOUSTON "It gives me a much better feeling to have a winning team that's backing me, as is a losing team that's backing him," said Mayor Parker about the 2-0 Texans hosting the 0-2 Cowboys.

She also said Houston has a cool mayor and Dallas doesn't. This drew a quick reponse from her counterpart.

On Wednesday afternoon, Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert responded, "When you've been to the Super Bowl as many times as we have, you learn to boast when the season's over, not after two games. And it's good that Mayor Parker is so cool. Maybe that will finally chill all that hot air coming out of Houston."

Mayor Parker and Mayor Leppert have not made a wager on the game yet, but Mayor Parker did say she thought there might be an exchange of jerseys.

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