Heavy rain causes flooding on roadways

HOUSTON The water has gone down but the memories of this morning flash flood still lingers.

It didn't take a big storm, or even a long-lasting one, to make a mess of the morning commute for drivers heading north on Highway 59. After being pounded by heavy rain, the 59 interchange with Loop 610 near the Galleria became a swimming pool by 5am.

Even though the rain passed over the area quickly, the water it left behind took more than two hours to drain. For people like Robert Job, that meant a dangerous drive to work.

"You could see the rain coming down in patches. You could see the rain falling in the distance, and with the traffic and stuff, it took about an hour to get over here. So it made for a fun drive this morning," said Job.

The back up on 59 stretched for several miles, so far that many could not see the high water ahead in time to change their decision to exit. They were forced to get in line behind others trying to navigate one lane of passable roadway.

The few who dared to drive into the other lanes with higher water often regretted the decision. But the lucky drivers who waited until later in the morning to hit the road say they had a much easier drive.

"I was planning on leaving earlier if it didn't clear up, but it cleared up just in time," said driver Stephanie Lonsford.

"I did drop my daughter off at school and there was a nice lake out front, but other than that no water whatsoever," said driver Seth Malin.

The Texas Department of Transportation says this was the only high water area Tuesday morning, and they say a clogged inlet was to blame. Once a maintenance crew was able to remove the debris, the water drained, and drivers could get where they were going much faster.

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