Shot coach's story takes new twist

HOUSTON A high school football coach is back on the job, weeks after he was shot at a motel in north Houston. Now we are learning more about what led up to the shooting, how the story has changed over the past few weeks, as well as an arrest in connection with the case.

The first accounts of what happened were met with a lot of skepticism. Now the coach himself has admitted that he checked into a hotel with a woman he met when he reportedly dialed a wrong number and then struck up a relationship. Then it gets even more complicated.

The coach at the center of the story is Lionel Crawford -- the head football coach of the Aldine High School Mustangs. Last month he was shot, but accounts of how that happened changed. At first he said he was hijacked at a convenience store and called for help from a nearby motel.

Now, in a probable cause affidavit, he states that he went to a Hempstead Highway motel with Latangia Grigsby with the intention of meeting a second woman. Instead, he says a masked gunman knocked at the door. Grigsby opened it.

Crawford told investigators he felt he was being robbed. He struggled with the intruder and was shot. Grigsby fled as well. She's now accused of aggravated robbery. Her attorney says she had nothing to do with the gunman and that she left because she was in fear for her own life.

Crawford has now recovered enough to resume his coaching duties, but students say there's a marked change in him.

"Skinny -- he looks like he lost a lot of weight," said student Larry Bernhardt. "He walks with a limp. Supposedly he got shot in the abdomen or whatever they call it. He doesn't look the same."

The school district is not commenting on the investigation because it's a personnel matter. For the students and their parents it's becoming very public and distracting.

"To be a role model like that to kids, that's not something very positive," said parent Keisha Villanueva.

According to the Harris County Sheriff's Office, the investigation is ongoing. The gunman has yet to be identified. We're told some things about Crawford's story are still being investigated.

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