Youth football team equipment stolen

PASADENA, TX The Pasadena Bears barrel their way down the gridiron, looking fierce in their black jerseys. They can handle just about any play that comes at them. But it's what happened at their practice field that blindsided them.

Pasadena Bears President Drew Aga said, "The trailer was gone, totally, nowhere to be found."

The Pasadena Bears' covered trailer was stolen last week from their home field. It was parked off of Crenshaw between Teague Elementary and Pasadena Memorial High School.

"The trailer was right here," Aga recalled. "Unfortunately, we came here and saw the lock on the ground we knew automatically it was probably a theft."

While the Bears take home their pads, helmets and uniforms, the equipment inside the trailer is considered essential.

Aga explained, "If the equipment does break on a kid, a kid cracks his helmet, we just don't have that material right now to use in our inventory."

Aga says Bears parents have limited resources and many cannot afford to buy replacement equipment.

"They're working that overtime so to have their son in football, to have something constructive not destructive and out in the street," Aga said. "That's what's disappointing about this, that someone would commit theft to a youth football organization."

Anyone with information is asked to call 713-222-TIPS.

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