Four survive small plane crash in NW Harris Co.

HOUSTON Four people were on board the single engine Cessna when it went down, narrowly missing a number of school buses. All four occupants, who were wearing their seat belts, walked away from the wreck with minor scrapes and bruises.

According to DPS, the plane, which had just taken off from Weiser Air Park, was headed to Brenham when the pilot noticed a decrease in oil pressure. With oil spewing onto the windshield, the pilot reportedly tried to bank and land back on the runway. However, it appears he overshot the runway, crash landing into the private bus lot.

The plane avoided direct hits with two buses nearby. It did swipe an occupied F-150 truck, but that driver was unhurt.

"It could have been very, very unfortunate," said DPS Trooper Richard Standifer. "For whatever reason, there are openings between these buses and I believe that's what probably saved these gentlemen's lives, as when the oil splattered across the aircraft (the pilot) could not see a thing. So it's a miracle that he was able to get it to where it was."

The airport manager said there are typically buses parked in the space where the plane went through.

The FAA is investigating the crash.
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