Arson not ruled out in voting equipment fire

September 17, 2010 8:27:18 AM PDT
There is new information about a fire that destroyed thousands of electronic voting machines. Investigators say they've narrowed down where in the building the fire started to about a 125 square foot area. A Harris County Election Technology Center burned last month in northeast Houston. Firefighters say they've found no signs that the fire was set on purpose, but they still haven't determined the exact cause.

"We're starting to get into a highly technical part of the investigation where we'll examine some of the items that were covered microscopically and with x-rays," said Chief Gabe Cortez, HFD Arson Department.

Harris County election officials plan to borrow 3,500 voting machines from around the state for the November election. They also plan on getting a company to manufacture about 2,000 more machines.