Harris County fiduciary official indicted

HOUSTON The indictments were handed down around 4pm Tuesday against Edwin Harrison, the director of Financial Services in Harris County. He's responsible for a lot of money-related issues in the county, but his indictments stem from allegations that he stole from an elderly relative.

He faces charges of False Statement to Obtain Credit, Tampering with a Governmental Record, Theft, and Misapplication of Fiduciary Property.

Harrison is accused of stealing more than $30,000 from a relative who's older than the age of 65.

Sources said he'd been under investigation for months, though he's not accused of stealing money from the county, per se. Still, Harris County Judge Ed Emmett said he wants Harrison removed from the job.

"Looking at the importance of that position for this county, at this time, bond ratings and all those things, I think it's very important that he either be suspended or step down in some form or fashion," Emmett said.

However, Harrison remains defiant.

"I've done a good job. Ask anyone about it. Ask the judge," Harrison said when Eyewitness News asked him why he won't step down. "Are you innocent until proven guilty or are you guilty until proven innocent?"

Emmett said if Harrison won't step down willingly, he says he plans to make sure Harrison is suspended until the charges work their way through the court system.

According to the district attorney's office, it will give Harrison one or two days to turn himself in. Harrison did not tell Eyewitness News if he plans to do so.

If Harrison is found guilty, he faces up to 99 years behind bars.

Harrison isn't the only one who's been indicted. His wife also has been charged.

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