Garden dedicated for 9/11 victims in Houston

HOUSTON The dedication off Milam and Congress downtown today drew many local leaders. It's beautiful, calming and enduring. The water fountain offers the same description Lee Scott uses for her best friend, Lauren. They were giggly teenagers when they were on the Stratford High School drill team and later as UT sorority sisters.

"Lauren was take hold of every moment and make the most of it," said Scott. "And truly that's the thing I have taken away from all of this every time I remember Lauren. She didn't waste a moment."

Lauren's garden was dedicated today; a cozy corner in Market Square now covered with flowers and fountains.

"It is also a perfect reminder to the terrorists. You will never ever win this fight." said James Baker III, former secretary of State.

Baker was one of several dignitaries to lend their voice to Lauren Catuzzi Grandcola. She was killed September 11th, 2001, a passenger on United Flight 93, hijacked by terrorists, yet a flight where the passengers, including Lauren, fought back keeping the plane from crashing into its intended target. Everyone onboard died.

"I hope when people come by Lauren's garden that they will reflect for a moment the events of that day and that they'll never forget the lives that were lost and the efforts that were made for our freedom," said Lauren's father, Lawrence Catuzzi.

The flowers are sunny and cheerful, yet behind every flower every pebble and stone are significant meaning about Lauren and the life that she led.

There are 3,000 pebbles representing those who died in the 9-11 attacks, forty stones for the passengers and crew, a sculptured vine representing growth and life and finally, there's Lauren's sculpture, an enduring representation of a life that was loved, cherished and to be remembered for generations to come.

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