Cats found killed in Seabrook

SEABROOK, TX Tonia Miller says she'll never forget the sight.

"I found just the half of the body here," she recalled. "There was no blood."

Her mind has been seared with the image of her mother's cat, a part of the family for 15 years, mutilated and tossed on her property like trash.

Miller said, "It hurts me to know that someone is hurting animals, let alone family pets."

The discovery was made just a few days after her parents' cats went missing. But tragically, it was just the beginning. A few days later, the Miller's neighbor, Seabrook Mayor Gary Renola, made another disturbing discovery. He found the Millers' second missing cat. This one had been shot, possibly even strangled or hanged.

Mayor Renola said, "Anyone who does this has got to be deeply disturbed."

To make matters even worse, just a few days ago the head of a cat was found at Pine Gully Park. Although it's unclear if that animal was killed by a human, authorities find it suspicious.

Mayor Renola says it's important whoever killed the cats is brought to justice.

"People who mutilate definitely have something very wrong," he said. "They can be psychotic. Those type of people really need help. We need to find them."

Miller is now handing out flyers looking for information, trying to catch the person responsible. She's terrified, she says, not just for her other animals, but also for her own family, who she feels has been targeted.

"You would have to come down a private drive and place it here, or you know, walk through a field or something to get to the property," Miller explained. "To know that someone was here and put it there, it's terrifying."

Seabrook police are following up on some leads, but right now they do not have any suspects. If you have any information you're asked to call Seabrook police at 281-291-5610.

We worked on this story with the cooperation of the Bay Area Citizen, one of our Houston Community Newspaper partners.

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