Team director ordered out after resigning

CONROE, TX The trouble with the director of the McCullough Junior High School Highland Girls drill team started with inappropriate material posted on Facebook by one of the team members -- a violation of team rules, according to Michelle Foldetta, the former director.

"We try to teach more than just dance," Foldetta said. "We try to teach values and character."

According to the Conroe Courier, some parents say Foldetta kicked the girl off the team, only to have the school administration reinstate her.

That's when Foldetta turned in her resignation, giving the school a two-week notice. She then notified the parents of her decision to leave. Once the school found out, she was asked to leave immediately.

Foldetta wrote a letter to the McCullough Junior High School Highland Girls drill team after she says she was escorted out of the building. It said, "Please know that I would have never abandoned you."

Foldetta continues in the letter, saying she gave a two-week notice of resignation.

"I was not allowed to remain in my job once I informed the parents' club of my resignation," she wrote.

On Tuesday, Foldetta reluctantly talked to Eyewitness News, saying the incident has been hard on her and the girls on the team.

"I love my job and I would love to have my job," she said. "I love those girls, and I don't think they were treated fairly."

But Conroe ISD spokeswoman Kathy Clark says they won't just take Foldetta back.

"She resigned her position. She would have to reapply," Clark said. "She would have to go through the application process and be rehired."

Foldetta says she doesn't know what she'll do next but says she's received lots of support from the Highland Girls and their parents.

"It's been overwhelming support," she said. "I've just had no idea that I would receive that kind of support."

You can read more on the drill team debate in the Conroe Courier, our Houston Community Newspaper partner.

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