Man, ex-wife dead after shootout

MANVEL, TX We first reported on Saturday that a woman was shot and killed at her home off Leslie Lane in Manvel after deputies say her ex-husband broke in. The victim's daughter believes the system failed her mother.

Relatives say Karla Boone had just turned 70 years old and was turning over a new leaf by getting out of a long, violent relationship. But just days into her new found freedom, their worst fears became reality.

Brenda Collier says her mother, Karla Boone, was married to her stepfather, Stanley, for 30 years but much of it was rocky.

"She was dealing with it, going through the system, like you are supposed to," Collier said. "She was tired of being scared of him. She wanted her life back, but she was scared."

The daughter says about a year and a half ago, her mother finally got the courage to file for divorce.

"When she went and filed for divorce, he was constantly calling her, harassing her, threatening her," Collier said.

Relatives say Stanley Boone was ordered out of the Manvel house last month, and that's when the problems escalated.

A protective order was filed in court. He went to live with relatives in Georgia.

On Friday, Karla Boone got a call from her estranged husband's family in Georgia that he said he was coming for her.

"I prayed it wouldn't," Collier said. "We all knew he was capable of doing it, but we all prayed he wouldn't that he was just talking."

Collier claims neighbors spotted her stepfather near her mother's Manvel home Friday, and her mother called sheriff's deputies. They drove out to look, but left when they didn't find him.

"What good are restraining orders?" said Tim Bajusz, the victim's friend.

"She wouldn't have needed a protective order if he was rationale, she wouldn't have needed it," Collier said.

Around 3am Saturday, with glass shattered, Brazoria County deputies say Karla Boone and her son, Robert Boone, were greeted with gunfire. The couple's son tried to protect him mom, but as he ran for a gun, his mother was killed in her bedroom.

Then, Robert Boone shot back at his father and killed him.

"My understanding is that he broke in the house, and they didn't have a chance because he just started firing away," Collier said.

Collier has lost her mother stepfather and now says her brother's life has been changed forever.

"He shot him. He got a rifle and he shot him. He jumped out his bedroom window and called 911," Collier said. "He said he tried to. He said, 'I killed him but I couldn't save mom.'"

And she wonders when they knew her stepfather was this dangerous, how the system could let her down.

"I think this could have all been prevented if the cops would have been there and protected my mom, and then my brother wouldn't have to live the rest of his life knowing what happened and what he did," Collier said.

Robert Boone is out of the hospital, but recovering from gunshot wounds to his shoulder and side.

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