Six burglary suspects arrested in Ft. Bend Co.

FT. BEND COUNTY, TX Eyewitness News was there as deputies Wednesday morning served six warrants, arresting six suspects wanted in connection with a string of burglaries.

"We want to hit 'em all at the same time," said Sgt. Rene Callie of the Fort Bend Co. Sheriff's Office.

Before heading out Wednesday morning, there was a word of warning.

"Everybody be careful. We know there's lots of weapons out there," Sgt. Callie said.

Deputies had a bead on six suspects wanted in a rash of robberies across western Fort Bend County.

At the first house, Eduardo Rodriguez, 18, was arrested. Ashlee Rodriguez-Trevino, 18, was with her grandmother at church Wednesday morning, then arrested when the grandmother brought her home.

The female suspect wouldn't talk to us, but detectives say she's admitted now to burglarizing over 100 homes since January.

"I'm scared to sleep in here because I'm scared they might come back again," said Julianna Fuentes, 7, a victim of one of the burglaries.

Investigators say the suspects ransacked this 7-year-old girl's room in June. Her mother told us they took her TV and DVD player, and her daughter's sense of security.

"They don't understand what they do - what's the aftermath," said Rita Garcia.

Deputies tell us the suspects would drive up to homes and Rodriguez-Trevino would pretend to ask for someone if anyone answered.

"Knock on the door. If no one answered, they would drive around for a few moments, come back and knock on the door again. If no one still answered, the males would go around back and force entry," said Chief Craig Brady of the Fort Bend Co. Sheriff's Office.

Detectives say they've ripped off flat screen TVs and all kinds of other electronics, jewelry and weapons, maybe as many as two dozen guns. None of the firearms have yet been located. Sheriff's officials fear the weapons were sold on the street.

"What they were doing is purchasing narcotics, hotel rooms, party until the money was gone," Chief Brady said.

This is the fourth group that's been busted for hitting the west side of Fort Bend County in just this year. Surprisingly, detectives say there is no link between the groups.

Chief Brady says if you're home, not answering your door can make your home a target. He offers this advice.

"You can simply go to the door, and if they say they're looking for somebody, tell them basically you don't know that person and go away," said Chief Brady.

Detectives say more arrests could come soon.

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