Clemens scheduled to appear in federal court today

WASHINGTON Clemens is expected to plead not guilty. Bond and travel restrictions will be discussed. It'll be a short hearing, but one that's been anticipated for two years.

On Friday night, Clemens was in the stands watching and recording his son's football game. It was Memorial vs. Stratford. But today, inside Washington's federal district courthouse, it's the government vs. Clemens in his first court appearance since being indicted.

"It's a pretty simple event," said former federal prosecutor Tom Hageman.

But the arraignment will kick off a series of motions and hearings leading up to trial, if it goes that far.

It was Clemens' congressional testimony in February of 2008, combative at times, two-and-a-half years ago that has him returning to Washington to face a judge.

"Let me be clear," said Clemens during that hearing. "I never took HGH or steroids."

"The fact that not only did he protest, but the way he did it was very verbal, very aggressive and I think he invited this prosecution, quite frankly," said former federal prosecutor Philip Hiler.

Clemens has been indicted on six counts, including obstruction of Congress, making false statements and perjury. He maintains he never lied or cheated in baseball.

"The fact of the matter is perjury cases aren't normally brought, but they are in high profile matters," he said Hilder.

He believes it's all about making an example of Clemens.

On Monday, cameras will be focused on him as he walks into court and Hageman says the public will get the message.

"Perjury is a very serious thing because in some ways, our whole system of justice turns on whether, under oath, people are going to tell the truth," he said.

Don't expect any public statements tomorrow. There's a gag order in place.

The arraignment is at 1pm Houston time.


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