Court drama over missing dogs continues

HOUSTON The owner of the Whiskerville Animal Sanctuary has been given two more weeks to bring back the two dogs at the center of this custody battle. That was disappointing news for the owner who was hoping to get the dogs back today.

The dogs are allegedly in California. Whiskerville's attorney claims the person who has them is making arrangements right now to get them returned to Texas to their owner. It's the latest chapter, in what continues to be a highly emotional, highly publicized case.

Daisy Garza went to court expecting to be reunited with Zeus and Niko -- her two German Shepherds who went missing last month.

She said, "I brought their collars and their leashes."

The dogs escaped from Garza's back yard and were turned over to the Whiskerville Animal Sanctuary. Garza later learned the owner, Wydell Dixon, had the dogs adopted after she tried getting one of them back, so she took Dixon to court. A judge ordered Dixon to bring the dogs in today but they were a no show.

"I'm pretty upset," said Garza. "I'm sad, I was really hoping to see them today."

Whiskerville's attorney asked for a two week extension. He claims the dogs are in California and maintains the adoptive owner has agreed to return them.

Whiskerville's attorney Charles Daugherty said, "He said you know what the things Wydell Dixon and Whiskerville do for the animals in Galveston County are too important to put in jeopardy by me keeping these animals that I adopted."

In spite of the ruling, Dixon says she did nothing wrong and insists she was simply acting in the animals best interest.

"What are we supposed to do, walk past these animals on the street? Because now I'm being told I could be jailed for doing the right thing for them," Dixon said.

Garza's attorney says this is not about hard feelings between her client and Dixon. It's about bringing the dogs home.

"I hope they do the right thing and return the dogs," said Zandra Anderson, Garza's attorney.

Dixon has until September 9 to return the dogs to Garza. Even if she produces the dogs she could still be held in contempt of court for not bringing them in today.

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