Pedestrian killed while trying to cross freeway

The morning rush hour was a nightmare on the Gulf Freeway after it was shut down due to a fatal accident.

August 26, 2010 7:54:29 AM PDT
All inbound lanes of the Gulf Freeway at Wayside were closed for several hours during rush hour due to a fatal pedestrian accident. Drivers called 911 around 6:15am warning that someone had been hit on the freeway. Authorities say a female pedestrian crossed the northbound feeder, then onto the freeway main lanes. She managed to dodge a lumber truck but was struck in the fourth lane by a Honda Accord.

Police officers shut down all lanes and forced all traffic off the freeway at the South Loop, causing a traffic nightmare during the morning rush hour. HOV lanes were open to all traffic during the closure, but have since returned to normal operations. Authorities reopened the freeway just after 9:30am.

The victim hasn't been identified.