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HOUSTON New computers can cost hundreds of dollars, but have you thought about buying a recycled computer? I know what you might be thinking -- recycled sounds like it's old, but actually refurbished computers are just as good as new and Houston has several places where you can buy one.

It is a typical day at Directron, a computer super store located off Harwin in southwest Houston. Workers are re-building old computers, replacing old parts with new ones and adding new operating systems.

Directron sells locally but also has an online store. The company sells new computers they personally build to local schools and businesses in bulk but they also have a massive supply of refurbished computers.

"It's like taking an old car, putting new brand new stuff on the inside," explained Alex Murdock with Directron. "The outside may not look that great, but the inside is perfect."

The best deal at Directron is a computer for $85. This includes the keyboard and mouse. Monitors are an extra $10. The computer also comes installed with updated software.

"You can get online, browse the internet, watch videos, word processing -- great for any type of (work) if you have to write a paper for school," Murdock said.

At Directron, the company has a 90 day guarantee on their computers.

Murdoch promised, "If it's not good, we are not going to put it out there, and if it's bad, we are going to replace it."

If you don't need a complete new system, the store also carries used parts like a keyboards for as little as $3.

"They pretty much have everything you need here and it's a lot less expensive," said one shopper.

Over at Top Tech Experts off Bingle Road in west Houston the company gets their used computers from local businesses.

"Cheapest computer would be $100," explained Alex Diaz with Top Tech Experts. "That would include the computer itself, mouse, keyboard, all the power cables. We can include the monitor for $10."

The systems are Internet ready, have anti-virus software and Windows XP Professional installed.

"It's going to come with the full 90 day hardware warranty," Diaz said. "It's going to cover parts and labor. And then after the 90 days, up to a year we'll do labor work for free."

You'll find more deals at Compu Cycle off Kempwood Drive in northwest Houston.

"The computers are from leasing companies and from corporations," said Clive Hess with Compu Cycle.

Here the cheapest computer is $149 and includes monitor, keyboard, mouse, the operating system and a one year warranty.

If you're wondering about any old personal information on recycled computers, they've all been wiped clean.

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