Teen crash survivor commits suicide

HOUSTON Bennisha Davis, 14, committed suicide, less than two months after her sister and two friends died in a wreck on the Eastex Freeway. Davis was in the car too, but survived the accident.

This was a funeral that Bennisha's family never thought would happen, not now anyway.

"You never knew it was going to happen," said Tashara Parker, Bennisha's cousin. "You would think how blessed she was to make it out of the car accident alive."

The young girl survived a deadly drunk driving crash on the Eastex Freeway in the early morning hours of July 9. Two of Bennisha's friends died at the scene. Her sister, Detrihanna Davis, died in the hospital.

The girls' grandmother never guessed that the last time she would see Bennisha, nicknamed Nisi, was at Detrihanna's funeral.

Betty Davis Jones said, "She killed herself because she said she wanted to go with her sister and her other friends. After the car accident, she said she just couldn't deal with the pain."

The man accused of causing the crash in July, Sajan Timalshina, fled the country, perhaps to Nepal, before Houston police officers could arrest him.

Jones said, "I pray to God that the police get him, get him back here because he caused four deaths."

Friends and family who just last month mourned the death of one sister were now remembering another, wearing red and black, Bennisha's favorite colors in life.

Parker said, "Just feelings of sorrow, not knowing what the next move is going to be."

A life cut short far too soon, they say.

"I didn't know that would be my last time seeing her and hugging her," Jones said.

Bennisha's grandmother says the young girl had trouble coping after the accident, and the girl's mother was trying to get her into therapy.

"She said she couldn't take the pain," Jones said. "Her mother was going to start her in therapy, but she didn't have time. Her mother's been having to work -- and she's still in pain -- to pay the bills. So it's really been hard on the family."

The Houston Police Department issued the following statement: "Our sympathy and hearts go out to the family members of the victims involved in this accident. The Houston Police Department is doing its due diligence to investigate this incident to the fullest extent. We are working with the State Department to find the individual responsible and bring him to justice. We are deeply saddened by yesterday's events and our hearts and prayers go out to the family of Bennisha Davis."

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