Lois the corpse flower lives on

HOUSTON The Houston Museum of Natural Science dug up Lois then cleaned, weighed, and repotted her. She will remain dormant for about three months, and will not get any water or food. The museum says it keeps the tuber healthy and increases the chances of Lois blooming once again.

The Bayou City went crazy for Lois in July when thousands lined up to get a glimpse of the rare flower before she collapsed on July 25.

"Lois has had a huge impact on the Museum and the community, and we hope that corpse flower fever lives on in the form of renewed interest in science and horticulture," said horticulturist Zac Stayton.

Her tuber has fallen off. But don't worry, Lois already has a new one ready to grow, whenever she emerges from dormancy. It could be years, however, before she blooms again.

The museum's webcam and blog documented her adventures during the repotting process on Thursday.

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