High end furnishings for sale cheap

HOUSTON We've told you about what happens when hotels renovate. The old stuff is sold off at a discount, but we haven't talked about this in a long time because the economy had brought renovations to a standstill. Well, things are changing and you can benefit.

The piano that welcomed the guests to the Westin Oaks Galleria is now for sale, as are the chandeliers, the lamp shades, the chairs and the artwork in the ongoing renovation of the hotel.

Brian Regal with BKG explained, "There are 403 typical guest rooms, of which we are doing all of. It is a pretty extensive renovation we are doing."

Regal is heading up the renovation at the Westin Oaks. He says the new rooms will have plenty of updates.

"All the sofas, all the lounge furniture," he said.

As the new stuff comes in, the old stuff has to go somewhere and since it still has life left in it, Phil Winterton of Southwest Surplus is selling it off.

Winterton said, "Most of the items are good manufactured products. This chair, for example, is a Century product, so from a retail perspective it is very expensive."

But not now. The hotel's old furnishings are marked way down at resale.

Winterton, "Chair and ottoman is $99, tables are $25 to $30, lamps $15 to $20."

The renovation itself is potentially a good sign for the economy at large. Winterton says last year no hotels underwent renovations as the economy hit the travel industry hard. This year Winterton says a handful of five star hotels have started upgrading their facilities.

The hotel furnishings can be found at Southwest Surplus off I-45. Check the Consumer Blog for more details.

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