Save cash on back-to-school haircuts

HOUSTON Shaeli Humphrey and her mom are taking advantage of the Remington College program called "Cuts for Kids."

"Right now, times are tough for some families," said A'timberly Mapp with Remington College. "And back-to-school expenses can really begin to add up. So this is just our way of pitching in and giving a hand to try and help those parents offset some of those costs."

From now until the August 20, parents can bring their kids, ages 18 and under, for a free haircut. In addition, parents get 50 percent off haircuts, nail care and chemical services.

"I usually don't treat myself because I feel like I can't afford it," said Melissa Humphrey.

But if you can't get around to Remington College for the free haircuts, we found $11 haircuts for kids at Great Clips. TGF salons also has a similar price. It's $11.95. But if you log onto, you can sign up for e-mail offers to get coupons delivered to your in-box.

For parents who want to lengthen the time between cuts, you can actually do it yourself at home and save money. We headed over to the professionals at Ceron Salon.

"When you do the bangs, you kind of assess where you want them," said James Fojt of Ceron Salon. "You don't want to go above the brow. You want to stay a little below the brow."

Fojt says cutting and trimming your kids hair is not as difficult as you may think. When it comes to trimming the ends, he says, "Cut just a little bit at a time. Don't do too much."

For bangs, Fojt says don't cut straight across. Instead, cut hair using the point of the scissors.

"Point cutting actually makes it softer," he said. "And you only want to cut knuckle to knuckle."

For boys hair, Ceron says a trimmer is a good tool to have. This is perfect to clean up hair around the ears and the back of your child's head.

While trimming your kids' hair is easy to do yourself, leave it to the pros when it comes to cutting layers or other more complicated techniques. By the way, Ceron says you don't have to spend a lot for a decent pair of scissors or a trimmer. Just make sure the scissors you use are for hair and not for the office.

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