New developments in transgender widow case

WHARTON, TX Legal hurdles have been cleared that will allow Thomas Araguz's children to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars. Thomas Araguz died over the Fourth of July weekend battling a fire at an egg farm. His mother, Simona Longoria, has been named administrator of the estate.

"So today, I think everybody saw that all parties are in agreement that anything we can do to facilitate benefits going to the children, we're going to do that," said Darrell Steidley, Nikki Araguz's lawyer.

There is still a dispute over Thomas Araguz's spousal benefits. His widow, Nikki Araguz, is transgender. Thomas' mother and ex-wife have sued saying Nikki's sex change invalidates her marriage to Thomas.

Last month, Nikki Araguz was cut a $60,000 check by a pension fund for the estate of her late husband. The court has ordered it frozen. However, Thomas Araguz's family says they're not going to contest the check.

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