Case of mistaken identity leads to home invasion

HOUSTON Houston police say they're investigating the violent home invasion they believe was carried out by people who'd done this before. But in this case, they seemed to have gotten the wrong home.

Christine, a mother of two, says she no longer feels safe in her home.

"They had us on the floor covered up, and you could just hear noise going around," she said.

This is what she says four men did to her house while holding her family at gunpoint. After ambushing her in the driveway and deploying a stun gun on her boyfriend, they forced her inside. And for close to two hours on Tuesday night, the men threatened them and searched.

Christine says the men were calm, and they were organized. They also were in matching outfits and masks.

They rummaged through drawers and cabinets in every room, even flipping mattresses.

"They had walkie-talkie kinda things. I couldn't really look up; I didn't want to give a lot of attention," she said. "I tried to keep looking down, but they had something, and there was only one guy (who) had an earpiece, like he's talking on a cell phone."

She says the men were looking for a safe and for prescription drugs, believing she owned a southeast Houston pharmacy. But she works next door at a family health clinic.

She eventually convinced the men they had the wrong house.

"'I don't have any pills,'" Christine said she told them. "'You know you own a pharmacy; we just saw you leave.' I said, 'I don't own a pharmacy. I have an office space that's next door to a pharmacy.'"

Still, she and her young children have not returned to spend the night; they are too afraid the men will come back.

The family is staying with other family members in Houston until they decide what to do with their home.

After terrorizing the family for almost two hours, they left the house with only $15. Police don't have any suspects yet.

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