Rosenberg Marine killed by suspected drunk driver

HOUSTON The victim, Marine Cpl. David Stidman, 23, had been taking care of his father, who was injured months before in a crash. That crash also involved a suspected drunk driver.

Dwayne Stidman knew when his son, David, followed in his footsteps and joined the Marines, that one day, an officer might deliver the news that his son had been killed.

"A senseless killing is just the worst kind," said Dwayne.

That news came not from a military officer, but from a police officer. David was on his motorcycle at a Rosenberg intersection when he was hit, dragged and killed by a suspected drunk driver. David had survived a tour in Iraq and two in Afghanistan, only to die a few miles from his home.

The driver, Sean McGuire, 33, has two prior DWI convictions.

"He has taken away an individual that would have helped so many more people in his life," Dwayne said.

Dwayne had raised David alone. He wasn't just his son. He was his best friend.

"There are not words or actions that could ever describe my pride for him," said Dwayne.

The story would be tragic if it ended there. It doesn't. The reason David was home from Afghanistan was to take care of his dad. Three months earlier, Dwayne was hit by an alleged drunk driver and seriously injured.

"I promised him the weekend before he passed that I would start walking," said Dwayne.

The father and son shared a passion for motorcycles and Dwayne will carry his son's ashes to and from the funeral on the back of his bike.

"His remains will be placed in a bed of honor, and we will have our last ride together," said Dwayne.

McGuire is charged with intoxication manslaughter and failure to render aid.

For Thursday's funeral, motorcycle riders are invited to wear red and ride from the service at 800 Fourth Street in Rosenberg to FM 762 and Brazos Center Boulevard. The ride from the Hernandez Funeral Home immediately follows the funeral which is at 1pm.

The public is welcome to honor the Marine at the ceremony. Those who attend are asked to wear red in David Stidman's memory.

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