Adorable new arrivals at Houston Zoo

HOUSTON A flock of Chilean flamingo chicks took their first walk to the flamingo exhibit today. Zoo officials got them through an egg exchange with the Atlantic Zoo and have been hand-raising them ever since they hatched about a month ago. Zoo officials say it's always interesting to see how the adult flamingos react when they bring in new chicks.

"The first time we usually bring flamingo chicks out to the exhibit, all of the adults move to the other side. You'll get some reactions from flamingo vocalizations, but usually once the flamingos realize its chicks they don't have to take care of, then they go do their own thing," said Hannah Bailey, Houston Zoo Curator of Birds.

Zoo employees will be walking the chicks every day from the Birds of the World exhibit to the flamingo pool until they're old enough to stay there with the adults.

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