Homeowner says city's new sewage pipe stinks

HOUSTON When Braeswood Place resident Ranjit Singh built his dream home there nine years ago, he never imagined one would show up on his front lawn.

"It looks like a 'T'- handle or a wrench right in front of my house," he said.

It's a "T" shaped sewage exhaust pipe, courtesy of the city of Houston.

Singh was devastated. Dozens of the unsightly pipes were installed late last week in the subdivision, but none as prominently displayed as the one in front of Singh's house.

"Do you think I'd be able to sell this house now?" he asked.

The pipe also emits a strong odor, and that was his worst fear. Singh had seen the plans for the pipe a year ago and asked the city for an alternative.

"This is my dream house, and putting it in front of my door, I've asked them, I've told them, I've written to them for about a year," he said. "And nothing has been done and I feel I've used everything in my ways."

But Singh says he was ignored.

"And I said the only people I can contact is Channel 13," said Singh.

When we reached out to the city on Monday, we got a different answer.

"This work does not meet the scope of what we agreed on with the contractor," said Houston Public Works Spokesperson Alvin Wright.

Wright says the pipes were not what the contractor, Pace, was supposed to install. Instead, he says, an underground pipeline was the agreed upon plan.

"We're going to make sure the contractor goes back to the contract and do what we had agreed on," said Wright.

Just hours after our cameras captured the "T" pipes, contractors did, in fact, come out to start removing them.

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