Boy hailed a hero for saving brother's life

HOUSTON These brothers are 10 years apart, but while the big brother led the way, the little brother was able to repay him.

Jared Pratt doesn't only throw the ball during batting practice to his little brother John, but to his entire team. The 20-year-old has coached his little brother since he was four.

Needless to say, they are close, and what happened earlier this week only strengthened their bond.

"I was just hoping he was going to stay alive, that's he's not gonna die right there in front of me," 10-year-old John Pratt said.

On Tuesday morning, Jared took his little brother fishing with friends to Bermuda Beach. After wading out into the surf, Jared had a seizure and his full body was about to go under water.

"I thought something bit him, a shark or a stingray, and just started shaking in the water," John said.

The slightest bit of water in his lungs, medics say, would've drowned Jared, who has no memory of his near death.

"I don't remember anything else that day, just waking up at my house the next day," Jared said.

And much like the bat he uses on the baseball field, John, who was only feet away from his brother in the water, was able to put his fishing pole to work.

"I had my pole in my right hand, and the guy next to me about five yards, I tapped him on the shoulder with my pole, turned around and he helped me carry him back to shore," John said.

"I always tell them to always look out after each other," said their father, David Pratt. "That's what you have -- is your brothers and your family."

And because of that brotherly bond, Jared is coaching by John's side and isn't just admiring his baseball skills.

"I'm thankful for having a little brother like him, and I wouldn't change anything in the world for that," Jared said.

Medics told Jared that lack of sleep and dehydration contributed to his seizure, which is something he'll now take into account the next time he goes fishing.

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