Cell phone number helps track down rape suspect

HOUSTON The attack happened on June 3. According to court documents, a young woman borrowed a man's cell phone at a convenience store in order to call a friend. After returning his phone, she left to walk home, but the man followed her and offered a ride. She refused, but he grabbed her and forced her into the car.

The victim was forced to take off her clothes, and the man sexually assaulted her. The victim was dropped off at her apartment complex following the attack.

Investigators got the suspect's cell phone number from the victim's friend's caller ID and determined the number was associated with Caleb Umoh through the Houston Police Department's Gang Tracker. The victim was reportedly able to identify Umoh from a lineup.

Umoh, 24, is charged with aggravated kidnapping and aggravated sexual assault. Bail has been set at $30,000 on each charge.

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