HISD board discusses new strategic plan

HOUSTON The Board of Trustees is discussing the academic plan for HISD. The superintendent made it very clear that if you can't take the heat, he'll find someone else who can.

HISD's board got an earful during this morning's workshop, specifically over whether the state's largest school district will meet new and higher expectations outlined in their plan to transform HISD. A lot of pressure has been placed on school principals to engage parents and to keep teachers and students performing.

Forty new principals have been hired this year, an average amount says HISD. However, within HISD's new Apollo 20 program, the expectations have been ratcheted up. The program targets nine low-performing schools for academic turnaround. Out of 600 teachers, 242 were not rehired.

It is the principals, says HISD Superintendent Dr. Terry Grier, that are expected to be leaders and effective within their own schools - or else.

"If after our helping, you can't perform those duties and others in an acceptable way, then we're going to have to make a change in leadership," Dr. Grier said. "That's not being threatening, that's no different than any other business."

The school board is also discussing their legal options about what to do with the vacated seat left by former trustee Diana Davila, who resigned last month. They have a couple of options: vote on someone to fill her seat or have an election within the next 90 days. That is being decided by the board at a later date.

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