Suspect in NW Harris Co. murder caught in Canada

HOUSTON The suspect was wanted for a murder that happened this past Wednesday in northwest Harris County. The suspect was arrested this weekend in Ottawa, Canada, minutes before boarding a flight to Singapore.

The Fernandez family has been living in fear since last week.

"We couldn't sleep," said Ruth Fernandez.

"It's been real rough," added Peter Fernandez.

They're too afraid to return to the scene of the crime, which is their own home in northwest Harris County.

"We were afraid that everything was going to die down and then he was going to come back," said Ruth.

Sheriff's deputies say Lox Gorme, 39, also known by his birth name, Misael Yacas, shot and killed Paul Johnson, 38.

"I honestly think he meant to shoot me and not Paul," said Ruth.

Both lived with Ruth and Peter Fernandez. Johnson, the victim, is Ruth's ex-husband.

"He was like a brother to me," said Peter.

The suspect, Gorme, is her brother. Fernandez says the family suspected Gorme was having some mental health issues. They had asked him to leave the home.

"It does make me sad because he just isn't the same," said Ruth. "He isn't the brother I grew up with. We wanted him to get help. We all loved him."

The two were concerned where Gorme might go next, or what he might do.

"I know he had a collection of guns," said Ruth.

Investigators say Gorme entered Canada by bus Friday through Windsor, Ontario, but he was stopped yesterday at the Ottawa airport as he waited for a flight to Singapore. Ruth and Peter Fernandez believe he was headed to the Philippines, where some of their relatives live.

"I thank God that he got caught," said Ruth. "I'm happy. I'm relieved. I feel safer."

While it's difficult for the Fernandez family to be in the home where the crime took place, they say they at least will sleep easier tonight knowing their loved one, who became a feared one, has been caught.

"We wanted him caught just so everybody else can be safe," Peter said.

Gorme will face that murder charge here at the Harris County courthouse once he is extradited back to Houston.

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