Family raises money to try to find hit and run driver

SUGAR LAND, TX Christopher Goana, 22, was run over on I-45 south at Park Place. Relatives believe he may have been trying to cross the Gulf Freeway to call for help when he was hit.

On Saturday, they made a very public plea to the person responsible by holding a benefit in Sugar Land.

The car wash they held may be the grieving family's only hope of ever finding any answers.

"We're hurt," said Amy Goana, Christopher's sister. "We're devastated. We''re lost. We're confused. We don't understand."

The driver never stopped and at least three other vehicles ran him over as he lay there.

"He wasn't a mattress. He wasn't a tire," said Christopher's mother, Michelle Cruz. "He was a human being."

Christopher meant everything to his family. He was a son, a brother and a father to 23-month-old Jaiden.

"That was his main goal, to be the best father he could," said Amy Goana.

Family and friends organized a car wash in an effort to raise money to put up as a reward. They hope it's enough to convince someone with information about who hit Christopher to come forward. They believe it's their only shot at justice.

"I know it was an accident that you hit him, but you kept going," said Amy Goana. "You kept going and you didn't stop. It's a crime."

A piece of fabric is all his mother has left of her son.

"I haven't let it go because it's a little piece of him," said Cruz.

All the family wants is closure. They say they'll keep washing cars, raising money, and reaching out to the public until they get it.

"I want to know why you left, why you couldn't stop," said Cruz. "You could have held his hand, you could have comforted him. You robbed me of that."

The family ended up raising nearly $2,000 Saturday. Relatives will hold another car wash Sunday in Rosenberg at the Walgreen's on Avenue H. If you have any information about this case, call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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