Armed suspects tie up family in home invasion

SUGAR LAND, TX At this point, Sugar Land police aren't sure if the home invasion is linked to other similar crimes in Fort Bend County, but they are looking for four armed men who terrorized a family in a quiet subdivision.

Mary Wo's wrist still bears the angry marks of the wire used to tie her up last night.

"Tie up my hands and tied up my feet. My parents and my sister and we were put in the hallway upstairs," Mary Wo said.

She didn't want to show her face on camera, afraid of reprisals from the men who attacked her. Sugar Land police tell Eyewitness News four men armed with a handgun broke into the house in the Sugar Lakes subdivision late last night.

"They forced their way in through a doorway. They did tie up the people that were inside, which were four adults, and then went around the home looking for cash," said Capt. Michelle Allen of the Sugar Land Police Department.

Wo, her sister and their elderly parents - ages 90 and 88 -- were tied up with wire to bind their wrists tightly. The family says the men got away with about $1,000 in cash and some jewelry.

Today, Mary Wo's brother Phillip showed Eyewitness News how the men had gotten in the house. He says the family's sense of security is shaken.

"You can put up burglar bars, you can put an alarm, you can put a camera, everything, but there's still a limit," said Phillip Wo.

The Wo family moved to the U.S. nearly 40 years ago from China, but this is the first time they've been victim to a violent crime.

Mary Wo says the stolen cash is easier to replace than their peace of mind.

"It's not just money. We can work hard, make better money, but we want our house for living," said Mary Wo.

We're told by their son that the couple has suffered some back pain, but otherwise they are fortunately not injured.

The couple are Chinese immigrants and their son believes that the suspects thought his parents had large amounts of cash in their house.

Sugar Land detectives are checking with Ft. Bend Co. sheriffs to see if this home invasion is linked to others throughout the county, but they will not confirm that it is at this point.

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