'Extreme Makeover' helping 3rd ward family

HOUSTON The Johnson family is in Paris on a much-deserved vacation, but when they come back their existing home will be replaced with their dream house. The 720-square foot house that was destroyed by Hurricane Ike will be replaced with a 4,400-square foot home. It will be constructed by Houston-based HHN Builders and designed with this family's specific needs in mind.

Eric and Elaine Johnson and their five daughters were selected for the new house because the one bedroom house they all share is literally falling apart. In spite of the rotting floors and the structural damage throughout the house, this family gives away money, food and whatever else is needed to their neighbors in the 3rd ward. Their selfless acts of kindness were reported to the 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition' team, who decided it was time to pay the family back for all the good things that they've done.

"They do a lot of things, you know. They'll bring kids in off the street and feed them, they'll take families away on days out," said designer Ed Sanders with 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.' "They'll take street kids that are just running the streets, they'll pick them all up and take 18 of them out to a water park for fun. They'll pay for it. And these guys don't earn a lot of money. That's what I think is amazing about finding families like this."

Crews prepared Monday morning to take the home down.

Volunteer builders are needed. Visit www.hhnhomes.com/extreme for more information.

Volunteers are asked to report to 1901 Airport Boulevard. Current volunteer needs include:

  • Painters
  • Trim carpenters
  • Stucco workers
  • Framers
  • Cornice men
  • Steel makeup men
  • Wallpaperers
  • Additionally, the crew is looking for a donation of a truckload of St. Augustine grass.

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