Ice cream truck driver shot in the face

HOUSTON It happened about 5pm Sunday. A 40-year-old victim was working two jobs to support his family -- one in a state uniform and the other in his ice cream truck.

It was a routine that people in Kingslake Forest could set their watches by -- the sound of an ice cream truck and the promise of frozen treats

Customer Mark Diaz said, "Blue kiss ice cream and he used to give me free gum. He was a nice man."

Sunday afternoon Anthony Agugo was parked in the subdivision when he was robbed and then shot in the neck. He drove away in the truck and called for help. His vocal cords were damaged by the bullet. His wife worries he'll never regain his voice. The robbers, believed to be four juveniles, remain at large.

"You know they don't have thousands of dollars on an ice cream truck," said neighbor Bridgette Shaw.

Agugo operated the truck as a second job. His other role was a corrections officer with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. He did both to support his wife and four young children, but his generosity was well known along his routes. If kids didn't have enough money, he'd let them pay later.

"He was kind to kids, make sure cars didn't pass by so fast when he was there with them," said grandparent Beatrice Umancor. "He looked out for the kids. He was a good soul."

Now the neighborhood streets are quiet. The only traffic is cars. No ice cream truck going up and down the blocks playing the music that drew children outside. That makes some of them sad, most of all for who they call the ice cream man.

"Who would do that to anybody? It's just, like, wrong," said customer Angel Diaz.

At last report, Ben Taub Hospital listed Agugo in critical condition. Anyone with information on this shooting is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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