Police: Man shoots, kills his pregnant girlfriend

HITCHCOCK,TX The father of the woman's unborn baby is locked up, accused of killing her. The shooting happened down in Hitchcock Saturday night.

Family members of the pregnant woman spent the day asking how someone could do this and why? And they hope the charges are upgraded because they say the killer took two lives, not just one.

Lameko, or Meka, Hennigan says she was so close to her sister Erika Gee that at times people would even get them mixed up.

"She works hard, she's a good mother and the best sister in the world and I lost my best friend," said Hennigan.

She describes her younger sister as sweet, loving and kind. Hennigan says Gee had already picked out the name for her baby girl due in November – Amaya.

John Lundy says a father should never have to bury his 31-year-old daughter.

"See I always wanted it to be like my kids bury me first, but it's the other way around. It's just hard, man," said Lundy.

A wreath and cross now mark the apartment door where Hitchcock police were called late Saturday night. Investigators say Gee's boyfriend, Bernard Cunningham, shot her three times. One of the bullets struck the unborn baby in the neck.

The victim's daughter witnessed the murder and called 911.

"I mean, a 10-year-old to see their mother get shot or killed, it's bad," said Hennigan.

Court records show Cunningham, 33, is a convicted felon. That's something Hennigan doesn't believe her sister had any knowledge of. She says Gee recently asked Cunningham to move out of her apartment, but that only lasted a few days.

"He slimed his way back in," Hennigan said.

Now the family wonders if that was the motive for the crime, and a grieving sister who has lost so much has a powerful message.

"From my point of view, to all the ladies out there, if a man ever tells you, 'If I can't have you nobody else will,' get out of that relationship. Go find some help, because you're gonna die," she said.

Investigators say Cunningham called police about 20 minutes after the crime and turned himself in. He is charged with one count of murder, but the family hopes that will change.

"It's unfair to even think about just charging him with one count when he killed two people," Hennigan said.

The Galveston County District Attorney's Office will meet Monday to discuss whether Cunningham will face a second murder charge for Gee's baby girl. The victim's 10-year-old daughter who made that 911 call is staying with her biological father.

We did some checking and Cunningham has an extensive criminal record dating back to 1994. Records show he has prior convictions for assault and robbery. He's also been convicted on drug charges.

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