Women's roller derby makes a comeback

HOUSTON It is not a sport for the faint of heart.

Skater Tiffany Hamilton "Grrrl Friday" said, "There are other girls who are more interested in the aggressive side they want to hit some other girls down."

But Hamilton says roller derby also has a serious side. Hamilton is part of the women's flat track derby association -- an organized league that holds games locally at the aptly-named Kicks indoor soccer stadium on Shepherd.

"The sport has been evolving over the last several years and becoming more and more of a legitimate sport," Hamilton said. "We hope it will eventually be in the Olympics. So it really has changed quite a bit."

There are three positions in roller derby -- jammers, blockers, and pivots. Points are scored by the jammers, who attempt to pass the pack and lap around as many times as possible. The pivots' and blockers' job is to assist their jammer while simultaneously stopping the opposing jammer.

Victor Floorblay "The Derby Brothers" said, "Lots of broken bones, bruises and cuts, but we do the best we can to make sure it's safe."

The sport is open to anyone over 18 who can be insured. And take it from these ladies on the injured list, that's necessary insurance.

Skater Laura Turner "Lipstick Assassin" said, "I wish I was out there this is so exciting."

"I love roller derby," said skater "Goldie Blocks". "It's fun but it's a lot of hard work."

On this night, fans cheer for teams that include the Houston-based Brawlers and their rivals the Austin Hustlers.

"Competition at its highest form," asserted derby announcer Ozzy Zion. "Blood, sweat and tears -- go fast, turn left, hit girls as fast as you can and move on."

The Brawlers were out-checked and out-skated this time, but they vow to bounce back. First time audience members say they are just glad to be spectators, not competitors.

Fan Megan Nesloney said, "I wouldn't do anything this but I like watching. It's entertaining."

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