Crooks targeting cars at day cares

PEARLAND, TX Thieves have broken into vehicles at six Pearland are day cares and stolen purses or other items. The break-ins all happened this month.

Police think the thieves watch moms go into the day care, then break into their unattended vehicles.

"I looked up and saw the window busted then saw my purse was gone," said Amy Turner, a victim of a car break-in. "So I went back inside and told them. One of the parents had said that she had saw a vehicle parked next to mine the opposite direction with the headlights on."

"They'll try the door, and a lot of times, those doors are gonna be unlocked because women are only expecting to be inside for a few minutes," Pearland Police Department Lt. Onesimo Lopez said. "Well, if the door's unlocked, it's pretty easy pickings for the crook."

Once again, police urge mothers to take their purse into the day care, or lock it in the trunk.

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