Person of interest in candy bombing appears in court

HOUSTON The victim's brother, Clair Wolf, went to court Wednesday on nine environmental charges, including illegal dumping and water pollution. The head of the Harris County District Attorney's Office Environmental Crimes division told the judge that Wolf was under investigation by the ATF.

That agency considers Wolf a person of interest in a case in which Wolf's sister received a bomb disguised as a box of candy. She was injured when she opened the gift-wrapped package on July 9 and it exploded, shooting nails and tacks into her face and hands.

Investigators think the bombing involved a dispute over the cleanup of property the siblings got from their parents.

"Assuming that Mr. Wolf was involved in making this particular bomb and delivering it to his sister, the motivation would have been from this because my understanding is she was the one that was kind of spearheading getting the site cleaned up," said Roger Haseman of the Harris Co. DA's Office Environmental Crimes Division.

Clair Wolf is not charged with the bombing. He remains jailed on a total bond of $80,000 on the environmental violation charges.

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