Roaming pit bulls blamed for killing pet cat

HOUSTON Neighbors say the dogs have been terrorizing people and other animals near Victory in northwest Houston. They say the attacks have been vicious and they are afraid of what might be next.

Debra Roncancio says her cat Snoopy meant the world to her family.

"They're my family. They're my life, just like my children," she said. "They were born here."

Snoopy was sitting in the window ledge inside the house when Debra says a pit bull jumped through the screen and attacked. It happened in front of her two daughters and the mother says it's not the first time pit bulls have been seen running loose in the neighborhood.

"They're mean. They're killing our animals," Debra said. "What's next? A human? A child? A baby? A mother walking a baby down the street?"

BARC says Debra's call is one of dozens over the last couple of months. They located the owner of six pit bulls and issued several citations.

"For allowing your animal to run at large, so getting out of your property, for not having required city vaccinations, which is rabies vaccination, for not having required city licenses and for having too many animals," explained BARC spokesperson Christopher Newport.

BARC says the owner gave up three dogs. When they returned, he was in compliance.

An urn full of ashes is all that's left of Snoopy. Now Debra keeps her dog Angel inside and she wants to warn her neighbors too.

She said, "I want Inwood Pines and Inwood Forest to know to be aware of these dogs. Please keep your animals in, make them safe, because you don't know what's going to happen next."

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