Armed robbers target businesses along FM 1960

HOUSTON A Conoco food mart has been hit twice in the last six months. While the crimes aren't necessarily linked, surveillance cameras caught the crooks in the act.

Surveillance cameras were rolling as the armed robber held store owner Georgios Ezanidis at gunpoint and demanded money. Though he felt the robber was just seconds away from pulling the trigger, Ezanidis tried reasoning with him.

"We don't have any money," he said.

As the robber continued to demand cash, Ezanidis reached inside the register and offered the robber some coins.

"He don't take it," Ezanidis recalled. "He puts down the bandana, turns around and leaves."

Call him foolish, but Ezanidis says he wasn't about to hand over what's he worked so hard for, even though he knew he could have easily been killed.

"I'm 63, forever I do it like that," Ezanidis explained. "I don't care, man. They are not gonna get any money from me. That's it."

Back in December, two armed men burst their way into the store, tried to rob and shoot one of his employees. Robbers in recent months have also targeted an iHOP, a Waffle House, two CVS stores and a food market.

Ezanidis said, "The authorities are supposed to be on the streets, patrol the area and do something with these guys."

This area is patrolled by the Harris County Sheriff's Office and Harris County Constable Precinct 4. It's unclear if the robberies are all linked. Authorities tell us they are aware of what's been happening and are doing the best they can to saturate the area with patrols.

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