Lemonade Day 2010 winners recognized

HOUSTON Amegy Bank Tuesday recognized the top winners in the Lemonade Day 2010 contest. Kyan Nandlal took home first place for best lemonade stand. Gerra Gistand won first place in the most successful business contest. She used a country girl themed business and sold the most cups, despite running into some problems.

"Me and my mom, we ran out of lemonade so we had to use some Country Time and I have really flat feet ,and so they were swollen a little bit. It was hard work and I sold over 700 lemonade cups," said Gerra Gistand, Lemonade Day Contest Winner.

Each of the winners received gift bags which included Amegy Bank savings bonds, Best Buy gift certificates and Visa gift cards.

Lemonade Day 2010 Contest Winners:

Most Successful Business Contest:
First Place Winner - Gerra Gistand, age 10 - Sold 700 glasses of lemonade
Second Place Winner - Mackensie Joe, age 8 - From lemonade sales, gave $647 to charity
Third Place Winner - Andrew Alpha, age 7 - Participated as part of his Cub Scout pack

Best Lemonade Stand Contest:
First Place Winner - Kyan Nandlal, age 6
Second Place Winner - Emma McDonald, age 3
Third Place Winners - Lawton Reed and Nicolas Thompson, both age 7

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