Police arrest man in bizarre fatal accident

HOUSTON It happened in a Fiesta parking lot on Fondren on May 13. The suspect, Pedro Ferman, is charged with murder. He's accused of crashing a car that killed his 30-year-old wife, Palma Garcia Marlen-Beatrice.

Police say Ferman was driving a black Lexus in a Fiesta parking lot when he claimed his Lexus jumped into gear without its brakes working. He then drove from his parking spot, hit another vehicle, went through a hedge of bushes, through the parking lot, past two police cars and then aimed his car toward a concrete sign.

The Lexus traveled at speeds up to 60 miles per hour, police say. Ferman's wife and 2-year-old child were transported to Memorial Hermann Hospital.

Ferman stated he told his family that they "were all going to die" and that in an effort to stop his car with no brakes, he would run it into the concrete sign. A lengthy investigation revealed that Ferman's car had no problems and his claims were unfounded.

He was arrested on Friday without incident.

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