Bicycle hours on METRO light rail to be expanded

Starting today, bike riders can board Monday through Friday except during the peak hours between 6:30 and 9am and 3 to 6pm.

July 19, 2010 10:20:50 AM PDT
METRO is trying to make it easier for bicyclists to travel on light rail. Starting today, bicycle hours on METRO light rail will be expanded. Bicyclists are not allowed on light rail during rush hour Monday through Friday, but can take bikes on trains at any other time.

METRO defines rush hour as 6:30am to 9am and 3pm to 6pm. Only two bikes are allowed per railcar. However, that could change when the city gets new equipment.

"Given the physical constraints, this is a good policy, the best we can do until we get better equipment," said Peter Wang with Bike Houston.

"We've got an order in for 100 more light rail cars for the new light rail lines," said METRO board member Christof Spieler. "So we're looking at fitting bike racks on those new cars and fitting racks on existing cars."

Bike Houston is also working with METRO on adding bicycle racks at rail platforms.