Mosquito sprayers set up traps to catch insects

HOUSTON We know summer has hit full swing in Harris County when these trucks start rolling, usually after our area sees heavy rains like earlier this month.

"This is something that happens every summer when we have these type of rains," Dr. Rudy Bueno said.

The mosquito sprayers head out at sundown, slowly spraying a cloud that seeks out mosquitoes and their eggs.

"They lay their eggs on damp soil, and the eggs will dry out and then when we have rains like we had, then it will trigger those eggs to hatch," Dr. Bueno said.

Dr. Bueno heads up Harris County Mosquito Control. The department has 268 traps looking for insects carrying the West Nile virus and St. Louis encephalitis.

"So far we've had 15 positive samples," he said.

Dr. Bueno focuses spraying in areas with positive tests and will get targeted on Sunday. People love it when the mosquitoes go away, but for Bueno, is work is meant to keep people safe from an unseen danger.

"The main concern that we have and we deal with is the transmission of disease," he said. "That's what our program is about."

To combat mosquitoes, Dr. Bueno urges using repellant with deet, get rid of any standing water and to put screens on doors and windows.

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