Sexual assaults reported around HCC campus

HOUSTON When Kimberly Marroquin learned about the latest incident, her reaction said it all.

"Wow, oh my God," she said.

Not only was she shocked to hear that an employee was sexually assaulted on Thursday, but that it happened in a parking lot on campus.

"There is no police on the other side, and you just walk to your car, and they just whatever," she said.

School officials confirm there have been four incidents at or near the Spring Branch campus since the beginning of the month. None of the victims are students.

The initial incident happened July 1. A woman was sexually assaulted in a remote parking lot of the school while feeding cats with a man she had met earlier that night.

The second incident happened on July 8. A man exposed himself to a woman on the Katy Freeway feeder. She reported it at the school.

On July 13, another woman was groped near the intersection of I-10 and Bunker Hill. She, too, sought refuge at the school.

And then the latest incident involved the school's cashier who was assaulted as she left her job.

In three of the cases, the suspect is described as a young, clean cut Hispanic man between 19 and 21 years old.

"Such an area like this, you don't expect that kind of behavior," said future student Judith Aiko.

HCC police are working with HPD to solve the crimes. Authorities say they have possibly identified one of the suspects and an arrest is eminent.

HCC officials deny security is lacking on their campus.

"We don't always use police or security officers," said Sgt. John Dziedzic with HCC police. "There are electronic methods of policing we employ on our campus."

But Marroquin isn't so convinced, now being extra careful as she walks to her car.

"Yeah, definitely," she said. "Because I don't want something bad happen."

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