More than 1,000 animals rescued in east Harris Co.

CROSBY, TX It was a huge undertaking. There were 1,079 animals rescued from the property, including dogs, rabbits, hamsters, but primarily birds.

The birds and other animals arrived late Thursday night at the SPCA in west Houston, literally hundreds of them - macaws cockatiels, parakeets. They were at a property off Bakers Hill Road in Crosby. The people living there, a man and woman, according to the Precinct 1 Deputy Constable's Office, were likely breeding them for sale to pet shops or flea markets.

According to the SPCA, the couple kept them in unacceptable conditions with large numbers of them crammed into cages with waste piled up on the bottom, some of them were even dead. The water containers were empty or unchanged.

The family living on the property has a breeder's license, according to the SPCA, but that could be in jeopardy.

"Whether or not you have a breeder's license, the animals do need to have proper food, water, shelter, care if they're in your possession. So that is why the animals were removed," said Meera Nandlal of the Houston SPCA.

The animals will undergo medical evaluations.

No charges have been filed yet.

A court hearing has been set for next week to help determine custody of the animals.

The SPCA is asking for donations of bird cages, bird toys and old newspapers. They're also accepting money to help pay for food for the animals.

For more information on how you can help these animals, visit

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