ATF: Person of interest knows candy bomb victim

HOUSTON We know the person of interest is now in the Harris County Jail on a probation violation out of San Augustine County. Eyewitness News is not releasing his name because he has not been charged. Now some light is being shed now on a possible motive, which involves greed.

Five days ago, a gift wrapped package exploded on the back porch of a northwest Houston home, shooting nails and tacks into 58-year old Vennie Wolf's face and hands.

According to the San Augustine County Sheriff's Office, the person of interest is a relative of the victim.

In 2006, he was charged with animal cruelty in San Augustine and violated that probation one day after the explosion last Friday in Harris County. He is now in the Harris County Jail.

Officials with the San Augustine Sheriff's Office say they have been in contact with The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and that Wolf was possibly targeted, with the bomb, as part of an inheritance scheme.

A records check by Eyewitness News found, the relative filed for bankruptcy back in 1999.

But at this time the relative remains a person of interest and not a suspect.

ATF says they have sent all the evidence from the bomb to their lab and are still waiting for the test results that could include fingerprints or DNA. If there is enough to charge the relative, he could both state and federal charges related to the bombing.

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